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For any Woman who is serious about finding "Mr. Right"...

Know For Certain If A Man Is A Good Lover
AND Will Treat You With Respect
In Two Dates Or Less!

Finally... A Simple Effective Way to Know
If He's "Relationship Material" Before You Get Involved

Select Your Man Wisely


Dear Friend,

Have you had your hopes dashed from a bad relationship and sworn to yourself, "I'll never date one of THOSE again!"

Tired of boring 'mammas boys' who are almost afraid to have sex and inconsiderate jerk bad-boys who are good in bed, but treat you like yesterday's news?

You only need to scan magazine covers at the grocery checkout line to know that women are very dissatisfied with the men they meet.

I get emails from women almost daily who wish they could find the type of man I call a Masterful Lover.

The good news is... you can tell, in simple conversation over one or two dates, if a man is going to be a good lover. And if he's the kind of man who wants to be in a relationship.

Listen, if you are tired of playing relationship roulette and are ready to discover how to quickly and easily screen for the kind of man you want... the kind of man you DESERVE to be with, then this will be the most exciting message you'll ever read.

Here's why...

David Shade
David Shade

My name is David Shade.

I'm famous for teaching men how to give women incredible pleasure. To become what I call a Masterful Lover.

Men come to me for techniques and the ones who follow my advice end up with great girlfriends and wildly exciting long-term relationships.

Truth is, techniques will only get you so far. The person you pick to be in a relationship with is the real secret ingredient.

One of the most important things I teach men is this...

Success Begins By Choosing Wisely

If you want wild rip-up-the sheets sex, you need to find a highly sexual partner. If you want the relationship to last, there are other important qualities to look for, such as respect for others, a sense of humor and a good self image.

So I'm here to tell you as far as any problems or failures you've had in the past with relationships...

It's NOT Your Fault!

It's not you, you aren't screwed up and you aren't cursed with some black cloud over your head.

The problem is, no one ever showed you how to weed out the losers, cheaters and chronically uncommitted guys and how to quickly find the ones who are relationship material and GREAT LOVERS!

Fact is, they don't teach men how to select women wisely either. That's how I got where I am today. After an unsatisfying relationship, I decided I wanted to know how to find women who would be someone who was fun both inside and outside the bedroom.

I discovered the really important criteria for selecting wisely; secrets I wish I had long ago. then refined the methods to dig-up this essential information. And finally, I perfected how to do it very quickly in casual conversation.

It got to the point where I could tell
in just 10 minutes of conversation
if a woman is worthy of my time or not!

What Men Want

  • Sense of Humor
  • Adventurous
  • Good Self Esteem
  • Honest
  • Passionate
  1. Trust
  2. Intense Desire
  3. LOVE!

Now you may be thinking this would take all the adventure out of it, such as not 'getting to know a person'. Not true.

I spend time getting to know a woman who I really enjoy. Instead of wasting my time with someone who makes my life miserable.

From the knowledge I had gained, I created a program for men called "Select Women Wisely".

So, why should you as a woman
take advice from me? A Man?

Glad you asked!

I have been teaching men how to be good lovers for over 10 years now. I knows exactly what type of man will be a
good lover. And what type of man will never get it.

I can show you if a man is going to be a jerk bad boy.

I can show you if a guy is going to be a wimpy 'mammas boy'.

I can show you how to know if he will cheat on you.

And how to know if a man will be a great in bed or be about as exciting as doing your nails.

The best part... I can show you how to do this in every day conversation without the guy ever knowing what you are doing!

Sneaky? Maybe... Effective? You bet!

Also, since I have also privately coached hundreds of women one-on-one. I've seen ALL the classic train-wreck mistakes women make in their selection of men. When you know what they are, it's easy to avoid them.

Want To "Be In Love"?

There is actually a correct definition for "romantic love." Most people, both men and women, don't know. Most likely it isn't what you thought love means.

Knowing this definition will help you identify the personal characteristics that make a man a good relationship partner.

You see, not all men are capable of "falling in love". And of those that are, only some of them are capable of expressing themselves in such a way that a woman can feel the connection and share the experience of "being in love" with them.

I can show you how to KNOW which men are capable of returning your love.


Are you tired of inconsiderate Bad Boys
and the wimpy mammas boys?

Not Relationship Material!
Not all men make it this easy to spot
bad relationship material!

You will discover about yourself and what your needs are as a woman, with greater clarity than ever before.

You will see why you may have fallen for these type of men in the past.

We will show you how to find a man EVEN MORE exciting than any Bad Boy in the bedroom... while still being a true gentleman outside the bedroom.

The kind of man your girlfriends will approve of, and your family will like.


The 3 Qualities A Man
Absolutely MUST Have
To Be Relationship Material

There are several different "types" of guys out there who seem so great - but for one reason or another they're just not available to invest in a relationship right now. Your relationship with them will go nowhere fast.

When you know the three qualities that you absolutely must screen for, and why you need to do this early on... You'll learn how to recognize if the man you're dating is capable of a relationship.

This alone will save you untold grief and energy waiting for your man to "wake up".

You'll also discover how to do this quickly and easily in everyday conversation.

How To Avoid Physically Dangerous Men

If you were dating someone who had the potential to become physically dangerous, would you recognize the warning signs?

Many of them seem so obvious, but the real manipulators out there practice a very subtle form of mind control.

Discover how women become brain-washed into staying in unhealthy relationships, and techniques for regaining your mental clarity and to defend against this sort of subconscious control.

Don't Let The Past Control Your Future!

What if your past has actually conditioned you to expect abusive behavior? Get powerful insights on how to look within yourself to alter your expectations and anticipate a brighter future.

When you see how your past has been controlling you, you will have the power to start making YOUR OWN choices.

You will discover how it had a very powerful effect, and you will discover how to make choices ongoing that are in the best interest of your love life.

This is your future; no more playing the hand someone dealt you in your past.

Classic Relationship Mistakes Women Make

It's a waste of your valuable time to try to teach a man how to love, and it's a huge emotional black hole.

It will drain you mentally and physically to try to drag love out of someone who doesn't have the ability to love you back.

Even worse, you'll miss out on meeting other men while you are busy with your "project boyfriend"!

Just don't go there.

The secret is in knowing how to find those men men who already know how to love, and even more important are ready for your love and a relationship.

There are simple ways you can figure this out before you get involved with him so you won't be heartbroken.

This is just one of the 5 classic mistakes women make! We'll show you ALL the relationship mistakes and how to make sure you never make them again.

You need to be able to tell the difference between the man who wants to marry the love of his life
and the man who just wants to be
married as part of his "social duty"

Are you in a hurry to settle down and finally start a family? Too many women put "stability" ahead of "love", often without even realizing they're doing it! But no one wants to wake up one day to find that their marriage is one of mere convenience.

You see, the man who just wants to be married is likely to look for the love of his life outside the marriage. We'll save you from ever being pigeon-holed into the role of Stepford Wife.

You'll be assured that any man you get involved with will continually invest himself in his relationship with you.

Why You Are Passing Up
Some Of The Best Men

And you didn't even know it!

Maybe you have only been dating outgoing guys who make the effort to get a date with you.

Here's the thing, what it takes for a man to be outgoing and get a date is completely different from what it takes to be a great lover and a great mate!

Simply stated...

This Isn't A Danielle Steel Novel.
This Is Your Life.

In the romance novel, the heroine teaches the hero "how to love". It's the tension that makes the novel so exciting. But it's pure fiction and fantasy!

Some men know how to love, some don't and never will. You CANNOT change that any more than all the kings men could put Humpty Dumpty together again.


"The information is priceless!"

I ordered a copy today... and have begun to listen and study the
downloads, the information is priceless!

Thank you David!

Jean Louise -- Los Angles, CA


Let's Talk About Sex

Have you been disappointed by boring lovers? Or have you been swept away by an exciting lover who turned out to be a cheating Bad Boy?

You want "a kind gentleman" who is going to be "exciting" in the correct time and place. You will discover how to quickly know which gentlemen will be exciting!

You see, some men are more sexual than others.

There are men who can "take the lead" and there are men who want to be powdered and diapered. We'll show you how to quickly identify which ones are "men" and which ones are babies.

There are men who are straight and men who are not so straight. There are men whose tastes are fairly vanilla and men whose tastes are far-out kinky.

His sexuality is something you simply CANNOT change. So you must identify if he has it or not.

You Will Discover How To
Screen For A Good Lover!

A Romantic Lover
He knows when to be 'naughty'
and when to be nice.

Just by having simple conversation with a man, you will discover if he will be a really great lover.

Does he appreciate the sensual and erotic in life? Is he adventurous? Does he have mental and emotional depth?

If you want to find your soul mate, you're going to need a man who believes people have souls in the first place.

And when you use these techniques, he will tell you things he doesn't usually tell anyone.

As a bonus, you'll have a much deeper rapport with him and more interesting, more rewarding conversations. And you'll find out guys will enjoy talking with you like this!

You'll become more relaxed around men because you will be surrounded by men who trust you.

Knowing You're Selecting Wisely
Will Super-Charge Your Confidence

And there's nothing sexier than a confident woman! Maybe for the first time ever, you will feel the sense of empowerment that comes with truly being in control of your dating destiny! You'll never waste time second-guessing yourself and you'll never shortchange yourself again. We'll also give you an extra "kick in the pants" to help you turn possibility into reality. You really truly can have the sexually exciting, emotionally fulfilling relationship you always imagined! It begins when you Select Men Wisely.


I Brought In The Experts!

Through my career helping men and women, I have also met a number of enlightened women who not only have a professional understanding of the dating process, but, as women, are also able to understand all of your dating frustrations and the keys to finding real happiness:

Meet The Expert Authors

Emily McKay

Emily McKay

Dating coach and co-host of the top-ranked podcast "X & Y On The Fly". Having been a single mom who eventually found the man of her dreams, her passion is encouraging and equipping women to be 100% feminine yet empowered and confident in the dating world. She is featured on Chickipedia.com and was also recently selected for inclusion in the "Social Media Divas" pinup calendar, produced by WomenWhoRuleTheWorld.com.

Emily teaches online dating success and an attraction makeover to empower women to be their most alluring and attractive possible selves at all times – without spending any more time than usual.

Marni Battista

Marni Battista

A Certified Professional Coach, certified by the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. She has also been trained as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and as a Facilitator by the Hoffman Institute, one of the world's foremost organizations in personal development.

Marni's Life Coaching is all about results. Never instantaneous, but always real. Results that you can sustain because she works together with you to discover the root paradigms and learn how to shift out of them into new habits. Throughout this deep inner work, Marni helps you to gain clarity and finally get back to feeling your best, vibrant self.

Patty Contenta

Patty Contenta

A professional ballroom dancer who competes internationally. She helps women who are struggling with their body image get sexy in seconds without feeling cheap or trashy through the art of body language and dance.

Patty teaches women how much of an impact your body language has. You could be standing in such a way that tells the world you "don't matter" ...and don't even realize it! She can transform the way people look at you and the way you look at yourself simply through quickly and easily learning the techniques of body language, making you magnetic, irresistible and attracting men.

Marni Kinrys

Marni Kinrys

Marni owns a very interesting business. She, and the women who work for her, bring men out to public places and teach those men how to meet women. And in her work she has seen a lot of mistakes that women make.

Marni will show you why women are selecting out the really good men. She helps men who have a lot going on for them, but are just shy about approaching women. Women never learn about these men, or worse, they shun them, just because they don't have the aggressiveness of a selfish bad boy. So women are missing out on some of the most wonderful men out there.

Allana Pratt

Allana Pratt

Soulful Sensuality Expert, Celebrity Interviewer and Relationship coach for the past 15 years

Author of "How To Be And Stay Sexy~ Attracting The Love And Attention You Deserve Being Exactly Who You Are", columnist for eHarmony and Sexy Mom Expert on CBS, Forbes.com, TLC's "That Ying Yang Thing", FOX and People Magazine, Allana knows that pleasure heals. She's a #1 rated radio host and guest on Christian Carter's Catch Him and Keep Him and David DeAngelo's Double Your Dating.

Lena Voyles

Lena Voyles

Lena has a masters degree in Celtic and Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh. As part of her linguistics training she has studied body language and the details of language that communicate intimacy and social belonging.

Lena Voyles is a contributing author to the Masterful Lover VIP Inner Circle monthly printed newsletter and to the VIP Inner Circle online forum. She fully understands the philosophy of Masterful Lover and helps to teach it to both men and women.

David Shade

David Shade

Teacher of men to be Masterful Lovers. For 10 years, David has been coaching both men and women on how to have a more fulfilling and exciting relationship. For the past 18 years since his divorce, David has been developing the knowledge and techniques necessary to select a partner wisely.

His previous program for men called "Select Women Wisely" was a huge success. Now he shares his wisdom with women about how they can select men wisely.

The Complete Step-By-Step Process
Is mapped Out For You

  • Discover how to screen on-line personal ads. By simply looking at the way he types, you can know far more about him than even he knows.
  • Learn how to be the "covert operative" on a date and get him to reveal important, deeply personal information.
  • Discover the way to know for sure if he will treat you well or if he won't. Yes, there is one easily obtained extremely reliable way to know!
  • What do men want? We will show you what the high-quality ones want.
  • Discover how to identify men who are able to forge a deep emotional connection with you that will grow stronger over time.
  • Mental foreplay is SO important! We will show you how to identify a man who can engage your mind.
  • Discover how to quickly identify "Momma's Boys". You will never be deceived again!
  • Discover how to notice problems with "The Mother In-Law", and early enough to do something about it.
  • Recognize cheating men. We'll show you exactly how to recognize them so you never get cheated on again.

Special Bonus - Fast Start Download Bundle New

So you can get started right away, you'll get instant access to download the Fast Start Bundle.

You'll immediately get the following:

  • The first 6 chapters from the Select Men Wisely Manual
  • 3 hours of instant download audio (MP3 format) including
    • My "Select Men Wisely" teleseminar where I answer questions from women just like you.
    • My special "Ask David Shade" teleclass with Marni Battista about how to Select Men Wisely
    • My interview of Alex Allman on How women can have a more fulfilling sexual relationship with their man.

This will give you a head start while we ship your package to you.


BONUS: Two Videos:
How To Discover Hidden
Personality Secrets In Handwriting

There is no more certain way to learn about a man's personality than through Handwriting Analysis. It will reveal things that even his best friends don't know. In fact, it may reveal things he doesn't even know himself. Plus, it's easy and it's fun!

Video #1: "How To Use Handwriting Analysis To Choose Your Lover Wisely"

This video is by Craig Eubanks, a certified handwriting analysis expert. On this video you'll discover how to find the important traits I talk about in a sample of handwriting, plus Hell Traits to avoid. Taken from Craig's presentation at my Vegas Super Conference in January 2009.

Video #2: "Personality Secrets In Handwriting"

The second of two Handwriting Analysis Experts I've had at my seminars over the years. America's leading handwriting analysis expert, Bart Baggett, shows you how to discover personality secrets in handwriting. Bart has appeared on Good Morning America, Howard Stern, and over 1500 radio shows analyzing handwriting and is the President of Handwriting University.

Follow along with an actual handwriting analysis of writing samples as Bart points out how to quickly spot both the desirable personality traits and the HELL traits you want to avoid like Swine Flu!


Here's What You Get

Select Men Wisely Program

All Instant Download


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Select Men Wisely Course (pdf)
Select Men Wisely Teleseminar (mp3 audio)
David Shade teleclass with Marni Battista (mp3 audio)
How To Have A More Fulfilling Sexual Relationship With Your Man (mp3 audio)
Bonus Video #1- How To Use Handwriting Analysis To Choose Your Lover Wisely (mp4 video)
Bonus Video #2 - Personality Secrets In Handwriting (mp4 video)
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In short... If you aren't happy, I don't want your money!

Any Problems or Questions?
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Also, if you have ANY problems at all, if you find a page missing, can't download the audio or a video won't play... ANYTHING. My Customer Service will be there to help you out.

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How To Select Men Wisely
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FREE Bonuses

1. FREE VIP Membership in the Masterful Lover Private Forums (Value $400 per year)

You'll get access to my very special members only forums, where my best clients gather to share their wisdom. You'll find plenty of men and women active on the forums who are knowledgeable and have real world experience with my methods.

It's also a safe private place where you can discuss with other women and ask personal questions in complete anonymous privacy.

VIP Forums

You'll also get to hear the men's perspective on things. The men in these forums will tell you things most men would NEVER admit to your face. These are also the kind of men who want relationships and are trained as highly skilled lovers. A great resource for you.

The majority of the members pay $37 monthly dues ($400 yearly dues). Your VIP Membership is FREE for as long as you remain active. You will NEVER be charged for it.

This is the perfect place to get help on Selecting Men Wisely. It is completely without judgement. Everybody is fully accepting and appreciative.


Hell Traits Special Report
2. Special Report - Hell Traits to Avoid in Any Relationship and How to Quickly Spot Them in Handwriting ($20 Value)

This report covers the 10 personality traits that will train-wreck any relationship and shows you how to recognize them in handwriting.

You'll discover how to find traits such as Paranoia, Dual Personality and Pathological Liar and see examples of them in different writing. You don't need to be a Handwriting Expert to easily spot these traits, once you've seen them in this report.

Written by Craig Eubanks, who is featured in one of the bonus DVD's, this is a great supplement to what you'll discover on the Handwriting Analysis videos.



This is the first time I've shared all this material outside of my private women coaching clients. I'm excited about having a positive impact on so many relationships.

Listen, I can make it available for you, but I can't make you take action. What I do know is, women who actually put these ideas into practice get amazing results.

The way I see it, you basically have 3 choices:

  1. Continue to do what you've been doing up till now, and most likely getting the same results.
  2. Try to figure this stuff out on your own. Sure, you can do it, but it took me about 10 years of trial and error to discover everything in this program.
  3. Invest in yourself today so you can start finding the kind of man who will love you and respect you. The kind of man your girlfriends will think is adorable and your mother will enjoy inviting over for dinner.

Get yourself a copy of my program and from this day forward never end up in a bad relationship. You'll be glad you did.

Then send me your success story, so I can enjoy all your happiness too.


P.S. Remember, this program is fully guaranteed for 60 days. If you aren't completely satisfied for any reason (or even no reason at all) just return it for a prompt and courteous refund. I'll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

P.P.S. Here is a sample of the success stories women send me taken from my files.


"Helps women identify the positive traits in men with confidence!"

Select Men Wisely has helped me identify those traits in a man that are essential to building a strong and healthy relationship.

Not only does Select Men Wisely help a woman weed out men who would potentially be selfish and pathetic lovers, but it also helps women identify the positive traits in men with confidence and high self esteem who would be worthwhile partners both inside and outside the bedroom.

David's understanding of female sexuality and the dynamics between men and women in a relationship is genius.

Access to this information in my twenties would have helped prevent me from marrying an asshole and then suffering through a painful and expensive divorce.

Kitten -- Pittsburgh, PA


"I have directed all my girlfriends to David’s website to help them out!"

It is so refreshing to have the male perspective on topics that a man in a relationship cannot actually answer, quite possibly because he may not know the answer. It is straight and to the point, David does not paint pretty pictures and that is what men and women need – no frills, straight to the point and accurate information on how to make our sex lives better – which ties in to better over all relationships.

I had found David’s website by accident and at first thought his web site was an elaborate hoax. I loitered on David’s website for almost a year before I decided to delve further. At first I was shocked that a man would have this much knowledge about the sexual psychology of a woman, but also understand the anatomical challenges as well.

He truly found out WHAT WOMEN WANT. That age old question that has been handed down to one generation of baffled men to the next. I was flabbergasted over the material and theories, devouring them all and still becoming more surprised of the accuracy all around the block.

I have a slew of girlfriends and when we get together we have an all out session of chat about sex that would make even the bawdiest men blush. David is right; we ladies put it all out there.

I bet half of my male friends would die if they realized I knew how lame they are in the sack because their sexual counterpart is complaining bitterly and fed up. I also feel sorry for them because their women are not telling THEM how upset they are.

I have directed all my girlfriends to David’s website to help them out, and when I find a man I’d like to invest time in, I will be using the David Shade clause and his materials for certain!

David, thank you for all the years of research and dedication you have put into your programs. As I told you long ago, I never thought I’d be saying that to a man.

Most male oriented sexual information and instruction out there for both women and men on the Internet is laughable. My girlfriends and I have a blast making fun of them. But you are the real deal.

I have never seen such a cohesive, honest and accurate depiction of male to female sexuality in my life. I have read everything to the older, militant feminism materials to current scientific research on male and female sexuality.

Your programs are so vastly unique and apropos for the most common of complaints that are still experienced. Your programs should be taught in high school and up to educate young adults on taking the right steps from the start.

In my opinion, sex researchers should honor you for doing all the leg work for them because their messaging is sorely lacking. You are a shining diamond in a sea of dull rocks. Keep on spreading the truth and continue on with your work, it is amazing.

Thank you again,

Ronnie Lee - New Jersey

This could be you!
He's waiting for you!